Test coming up? Here’s how to make the best revision timetable.


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’ve got a big test or exam coming up. Take a deep breath, and keep your cool. The key to success is being prepared, and we have the best revision timetable tips to help you smash it.


1.  Do little and often:

Scheduling your revision in one hour or half hour blocks after school will make all the difference when you sit down in front of that paper.


2. Colour-code:

Try giving every subject a different colour, so when you glance at your timetable you can tell right away what your work for the day is.


3.  Shake it up:

Schedule different types of revision. Variety can be so helpful when you’re trying to make something stick in your head, so why not change up your method? You could try mind-mapping a subject with colourful pens, making a song or a rhyme, or talking to a member of your family about the topic you’re revising.


4. Stick to the plan:

Once you’ve made a revision plan try not to stray from it, unless you really need to. While it might be annoying at the time, sticking to a routine will really help you cover all the information you need to.


5. Schedule fun time:

Make sure to block-out time off in the evenings. You deserve to relax and enjoy yourself too!


Why not have a go at making your own revision timetable with coloured pens, or print off ADA’s colourful template below.






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