A Morocco Adventure: Could you survive a summer without technology?


Can you imagine spending your summer holidays in a desert? Without a phone, computer or access to the Internet? This is the reality of life for many children around the world.

Er Rachidia is a small city in Morocco, Northern Africa. Located within the Sahara, which is the world’s largest hot desert, Er Rachidia’s houses are bright white. There is one building though which stands out from all of the others… A school building painted in lots of different colours and full of children from the village, but why is it full during the summer holidays?

Just like you, children in Er Rachidia are on holiday over the summer but because their parents have to work, the children often have nowhere to go. Unlike you, children from Er Rachidia have no internet. That means no Youtube, no WhatsApp and no Nintendo. Difficult to imagine right?

But children in Er Rachida feel very lucky because every year they’re able to go to a ‘summer school’. This isn’t any ordinary school either. Instead of sitting in a classroom, they spend their days playing games, singing songs, dancing and painting. Their school becomes a summer camp!

Every year, volunteers from around the world help to fix up and paint their school, and teach its many children. Cèlia Zamora is one of those volunteers.

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A camel ride - across the Sahara Desert





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