Dear ADA, my body is changing and I’m scared


In this month’s Ask ADA, Ada helps a girl who’s worried about her body image.

Dear Ada,

I’ve always been the same size as my friends, but over the past year I’ve started to get taller and wider than everyone else. I’ve tried eating healthily and I even joined a sports team but it hasn’t made a difference. I feel so self-conscious. What’s wrong with me?

Sasha, aged 11


Dear Sasha

Firstly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Our bodies can be confusing things. We each mature and grow at different rates, you just happen to be the first one to go through those changes from your friendship group. As time passes, your body will carry on changing, and that’s okay too. You’re absolutely doing the right thing by leading a healthy lifestyle, however, don’t let your anxieties stop you from enjoying yourself too. It’s natural to feel a little insecure as your body changes, but beautiful comes in all shapes and sizes- you don’t have to be the same as everyone else, in fact embracing our differences is way more fun!

Love Ada x


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