Female footie ref makes history


With men’s football given so much more publicity that women’s, it’s easy to think football is just a sport for boys. But one female referee is paving the way for women and we couldn’t be more excited!

Bibiana Steinhaus has become the first woman to referee Europe’s top football leagues. She’s been a referee since 1999, but now she will enforce the rules in the German premier league, which is called the Bundesliga.


Bibiana in action

Speaking about her new job, she told german sports website DFB: “I was quite speechless when I got the call… It has always been my dream.”

She won’t stand for any nonsense either, because Bibiana is also a police woman back in her home country of Germany. Those players had better behave! Congratulations Bibiana!

Have you ever thought about giving football a go? You could join your school team, or maybe just have a regular kick about with your friends. Let us know below!


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