Five things you’ll never guess were invented by women


1. Monopoly

Elizabeth Magie invented the rules for this family favourite board game in 1904, so you have her to thank for all those arguments…

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2. Ice-cream makers

In 1843, Nancy Johnson invented the first ice-cream maker and the same design is still used to this day. Thank you, Nancy Johnson. Thank you.


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3. Life rafts

Maria Beasley looked out to sea in 1882 and decided it was about time that people stopped dying in boat accidents, so she created the first life rafts, and in the process saved a whole lot of lives.



4. Computer software

Dr Grace Murray Hopper, an admiral in the U.S Navy, was also a computer scientist who invented the first computer software. Talk about overachieving…


5. Kevlar

Kevlar is the super-strong material used in bullet-proof vests to protect police and soldiers, and Stephanie Kwolek is the woman who created it!






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