How Paralympian Claire Cashmore overcame her body insecurities


We all have days when we struggle with low self-confidence. Everyone, including Paralympic champions, suffers from insecurities from time to time.

Swimmer Claire Cashmore was born without a left forearm, which she often jokes she lost during a shark attack. With determination and a whole lot of hard work, Claire won an amazing gold and silver medal in the pool at the Rio 2016 Paralympics last year. What a woman! While Claire has achieved so much in her life, she says embracing her disability wasn’t always easy.

We asked Claire how she dealt with her insecurities growing up:

“During my teenage years I used to be really embarrassed about the fact that I have one arm. I didn’t want anybody to see it. I lived in Dubai, and it would be 30 degrees outside, (which is really really warm!), and I’d be hiding underneath a jumper. I wasn’t happy, I was hiding the real me. Then when I started going to swimming competitions, I’d see so many people with different disabilities not caring about what people thought. That really opened my eyes. Now I couldn’t care less that I have one arm, I’m quite proud of it. It’s all about embracing difference.”

We couldn’t agree more. Don’t hide what makes you unique, celebrate it!


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